Friday, September 30, 2016

Inspirational Quote du Jour


Look what Marianne found! A website called quotefancy has turned a handful of quotes from me (and a very odd handful they are, too!) into inspirational wallpaper. Up above is a handful of words I'm proud to have put together.

You can find the quotes here. Or just go to and poke around.

And speaking of mythological geography...

As always, I'm on the road again.

Marianne and I are going Down the Shore, as we say in Philly, for an inactivity-filled week at Undisclosed Location. (Motto: Where Nothing Can Ever Happen -- And Usually Doesn't.) Leaving the house in the care of My Son the Black Belt and ourTrained Attack Cat.

I expect to continue blogging while on vacation. But I can't guarantee anything. I've got a lot of doing nothing to catch up on.



Michael Swanwick said...

The motto, incidentally, was not mine. I swiped it from the "Lompoc Werewolf" episode of Roger Ramjet.

Sandy said...

Sorry to miss the book signing for your latest anthology, but don't worry. A copy is on the way to me as I type, plus a replacement copy of BONES OF THE EARTH, which a person I loaned it to liked it so much that they swiped it! Enjoy the sand and surf!

Bruce said...

My own favorite Swanwick quote:

"It takes courage and bad judgment to run away with the elves."

Unknown said...

Consider a restful stay at the Crusader in Wildwood Crest, where the strained detente between the bedbugs and the toilet roaches has gone critical.