Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Introducing Pavel Amnuel


While I was in Ekaterinburg, I met Pavel Amnuel, a distinguished Russian-language science fiction writer and winner of the 2012 Aelita Award.  Amneuel published his first story in 1959, has written a great many books, and has had almost nothing published in English.  So I asked him to give a short synopsis of his career.

The translator is a young writer named Kiril Azernyi, and a couple of additional questions are asked by Marianne Porter.

While I have to apologize for the quality of sound of this clip, I'm tremendously pleased that Marianne and I did this.  It's embarrassing how little Americans know about Russian SF.  At least we've done our small bit to rectify this situation.

I have two or three more clips of other writers I met at the Aelita Science Fiction Conference, and I'll be running them as a sort of mini-series over the next several Wednesdays.



David Stone said...

I sure hope those two make it to China eventually, they'll a lot to discuss with people there about what a "gentleman" is.

Michael Swanwick said...

Darger & Surplus are both in China and one of them is dead. And the novel has just begun!

Esteban said...

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