Monday, December 21, 2020

Sale! Sale! Cigar Box-Faust! Sale!



From Tachyon Publications comes news that as of yesterday, the shortest day of the year,  my collection of short-short fictions, Cigar-Box Faust, is on sale at 20% off. This is for the paperback or the limited edition hardcover or the limited edition boxed hardcover.

(The book includes the title performance piece which may be one of the most condensed condensations of a great work of literature ever written. And I say that as the man who played the part of Frodo in the 15-minute radio adaptation of Lord of the Rings. Funny story, that. I'll share it with you soon.)

If that number looks familiar, Tachyon's second (and simultaneous) sale makes all clear: They're offering 20% off all their 2020 publications. Tachyon makes really lovely books and finds genuinely interesting authors to publish. So you should wander through their list and see if there's anything there you want. I'm pretty sure there is.

Also, they're offering free shipping in the United States.

You can read their post about my book here.  Or view Jim DiMaioalo's almost but not quite demented sales pitch here.



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