Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Iron Dragon's Daughter E-Book For Two Bucks -- But Only Today!


This just came into my mailbox from Open Road Media:

I'm delighted to share with you that THE IRON DRAGON'S DAUGHTER will be featured in the Early Bird Books newsletter today, July 5.

Early Bird Books is a daily deals newsletter that goes out to more than 415,000 subscribers.

TIDD will be downpriced at $1.99 for today only. The discount will be available at all major etailers, but we'd love to have as
many people as possible sign up for Early Bird Books so that they'll be aware of our many excellent authors and titles.

Please feel free to share the sign-up URL with your fans: http://www.earlybirdbooks.com/

And we encourage you to post the special pricing news today via your social channels. On the day of the promo, you may point readers to the catalog page on our Open Road website: http://www.openroadmedia.com/ebook/the-iron-dragon-s-daughter/

Over the years, a lot of readers have asked when The Iron Dragon's Daughter would be available in ebook format. Well... it's real, it's a deal, and don't get used to it. The very cheap price goes away tomorrow.

Oh, and there's a page that also includes other fantasy novels that you may very much want to buy at $1.99.  You can find it here.



Ruzz said...

Sadly in the USA only and not in the UK. We are pretty down at the moment and a cheap copy of the Iron Dragon's Daughter might help us through another hellish day .....

HANNAH'S DAD said...

Nor in Australia - either standard price or not available, depending on the supplier. Bummer.

Kevin Cheek said...

Purchased with intent to read.

Kevin Cheek said...

I am now approximately 1/8 of the way into The Iron Dragon's Daughter (it's been a very busy week). I get a suspicion that things aren't quite what they seem, and that Blugg might not be as terrible as he appears. But don't tell me. I'm looking forward to discovering as I go along.

Kevin Cheek said...

OK, my kindle reader says I'm 52% of the way through the book, and I no longer have any idea where you are leading me. However, I am enjoying the journey immensely!

Kevin Cheek said...

OK, I am now at 61%, and I think I have detected a recurring structure. If this plays out, there is a chance for real beauty in the story. We shall see. Out of respect for those who haven't yet read this book I will refrain from mentioning specific details and airing my suspicions of where the story may be going. I am really enjoying the ride, and heartily recommend everyone read this!

Kevin Cheek said...

Finished. Wow. Uhm, a little dumbfounded. I love the nice implication of a circular tie in at the ending--not spelled out, but just a blatant hint. Wow. Gonna take some digesting.