Monday, July 27, 2015

The Pyramid of Krakow


"I love montage. I don’t care whether it’s out of style or not. It’s excellent for capturing a multi-layered story. I’m looking forward to working on the next one coming up soon."

Gregory Manchess has blogged about how he went about creating the illustration for my new Mongolian Wizard story, "The Pyramid of Krakow."

Any aspiring illustrators should head over there immediately, because in a simple and straightforward manner, Manchess explains how the montage moves from thumbnails to the final image. There's much to be learned here.

Me, I don't have the talent to benefit from the post, though I can appreciate it the saame way I might a similar post by an acrobat or a magician. But I do notice that this particular image is even darker than usual. Which is appropriate because "The Pyramid of Krakow" is the story in which the series takes a turn into moral darkness.

You can see the blog post here.

You can also read about crumping (Manchess's own term) here.



William Lange said...

I am really enjoying the Mongolian Wizard stories.

William Lange said...

Also the art by Gregory Manchess for this series is amazing.