Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Oyster Has Landed!


Dragonstairs Press, that delightful institution wholly owned and operated by a woman very dear to my heart, has just issued a tete-beche chapbook containing... well, I'll let you read Marianne's release notification:

     In 1917, on a day in late August, novelist, essayist, and journalist Christopher Morley went out to lunch.  His description of his walk down Sansom Street in Philadelphia was published as a column in the Philadelphia  Evening Ledger, under the title of "Meditations on Oysters".
     Ninety seven years later, Michael Swanwick retraced Morley's steps.  His essay. "Meditations on Meditations on Oysters" described what had and had not changed along Morley's route.
     These two essays are now bound together in a signed (by Swanwick only, alas) limited edition chapbook, available from Dragonstairs Press, at dragonstairs.

I posted about this book a couple of days ago. You can find out what I had to say about it here.


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