Friday, November 2, 2012

Bid Early and Often!


The Halloween story is finished, but the auction for the original typescript has just begun.  The four by six inch typescript, printed in small text so the entire story fits on one page, has been signed, placed in a contemporary frame, and is now up on Ebay.

This is being done for the benefit of Clarion West Writers Workshop.  Not a penny of the proceeds will go to me.  In fact, I'll be paying for the postage myself.   So if you're a collector or need a present for a collector and or just think this would be a cool thing to have hanging on your wall, you can bid with a clean conscience.  Your money will be going straight back into the sf/fantasy/horror community.

You can find it here.  Or go to Ebay and type in "autographed" and "Michael Swanwick." 


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