Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Harry Harrison


Harry Harrison died earlier today at age 87.  I met the man only briefly and exchanged just a few notes with him, but he was a vivid writer and a lively presence in the science fiction world.  We are much poorer for his loss.

And I'll go to my grave knowing that I still owe that drink I promised him.  Rest in peace, Harry.

You can read Christopher Priest's excellent memorial in the Guardian here.



Richard Mason said...

I read Deathworld when I was quite small and it was a favorite of mine.


Victoria Janssen said...

We on a panel together about cannibalism. He was a really excellent raconteur, and a lovely man.

David Stone said...

One of The Stainless Steel Rat books was the first book I read in middle school during my free time which provoked an English teacher to mock/shame me for reading science fiction. So of course I have a fond place in my heart for this man. R.I.P.

HANNAH'S DAD said...

He was big when I was little. I think _Bill the Galactic Hero_ might be the first cynical thing I ever read.