Monday, September 21, 2009

This Glitter(steampunk)atti Life


The social event of the season was held last Saturday at the Walters & Kissinger studio in Philadelphia, a glittering, whirring, clicking, hissing & clacking neo-Victorian celebration of Tess Kissinger's sixtieth birthday. The event was celebrated by a high tea in the studio gardens and attended by an assembly of artists, writers, paleontologists and museum executives, all (or almost all) in steampunk apparel.

Pictured above: honoree Tess Kissinger and noted beauty Marianne Porter.

Pictured below: Tess's consort and noted exploiter of widows and orphans ("Sir, I have streamlined operations by exploiting the Widows and Orphans Fund!") Robert Walters, and ink-stained-but-stylish scrivener ("Bravo, sir! I shall write an epic celebrating this economic expansion of the Empire! As soon as I have received my stipend, of course.") Michael Swanwick.


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