Monday, May 11, 2009

Yet MORE Good News For Me

I am now officially one of the Guests of Honor for the World Fantasy Convention. (The others are Lisa Snellings, Ann and Jeff Vandermeer, and of course Garth Nix, who is the bull goose guest of honor.) You can read the news here.

The WFC will be held this Halloween weekend (October 29-November 1) in San Jose, California. People tell me it's beautiful there. Plus, World Fantasy has a higher ratio of People You've Heard Of to Those You've Not than any other convention in the world. Just in case you're thinking of going.

And if you do, be sure to say Hi. I'll be there too.

And this is what artistic discourse comes to in my house . . .

I was talking about Louise Bourgeois's giant spiders (there's at least a fleeting glimpse of them in this trailer) yesterday, and my son, Sean, put on a superior face. "When it comes to giant spiders," he said, "I prefer La Princesse."

Then he sent me to the following video:

And . . . I dunno . . . it seemed to me that the clash between high and low art was never murkier than it is here.


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