Monday, May 25, 2009

The Inimitable Jeffrey Ford


It's Memorial Day and after the services at Gorgas Park, I'm off to a barbecue with friends. So this will be a brief post.

Friday, at Philly Fantastic, my old pal Jeff Ford read his story, "Night Whiskey." And he mesmerized the crowd. Then he apologized because the story was so long. But nobody was complaining. We could have listened all night.

In the car, on the way home, Marianne turned to me and said, "And I thought your stuff was strange!"



Don Lafferty said...

I'm so bummed I missed him. I meet Jeffrey at Clinton Book Shop back in March when I was up there to pass the time with Jonathan Maberry.

Don Lafferty said...

Sorry about the typo.

I meant to say I MEETED Jeffrey at Clinton...

Michael Swanwick said...

Jeff is one hell of a nice guy. Possibly more modest than he needs to be. Which is a refreshing quality in a writer.