Friday, May 15, 2009

Sushi and Martinis Friday

It's summer in Philadelphia and it's a Friday, which in my house means Sushi and Martinis for dinner.  So you will pardon me if I'm experiencing a certain lack of ambition.

Today's news is that the latest New York Review of Science Fiction has just come out, with (among other things) my review of TH.2058 and Tom Purdom's latest installment of When I Was Writing.  It's always a pleasure to share a magazine with Tom, and this time is no exception.

If you haven't read Tom Purdom's literary memoir, then you really should.  Tom had the (in retrospect) blindingly obvious insight that what's interesting about writers is not their political opinions, or the places they go, or their dicta on the social aspects of technology, but rather . . . what they write.  So he's been going through his career, story by story, telling us what he wrote, why he wrote it, and what ideas went into each story.

It's grand stuff.  You can check it out at Tom's web site.   The first ten installments of his memoir are here.


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