Saturday, May 30, 2009

Alexei in America


My apologies for being a day late! I've been squiring about my Russian friend, Alexei Bezougly, in Philadelphia. Here he is at (inevitably) the Liberty Bell.

Yesterday I went with him to the Franklin Institute and took in the Galileo exhibit (featuring one of the two surviving telescopes that Galileo owned and used) and the Star Trek exhibition. A bit of cultural whiplash there. I may have to write an essay.



Алексей said...

What's up, Michael?

I feel myself humiliated. Why only "xx" in the middle of my first name? Why did you rate me so poorly? Or I caused you not enough headache?

Just imagine what my friends, relatives and fellow tribesmen would say if they see that Michael Swanwick himself reward me according to my deserts.

But truly speaking, I'm very glad that our tour inspired you to write an essay.

So I'll be waiting for this opus magnum of yours with great anticipation.

Inevitably yours,


Michael Swanwick said...

Whoops. Typo corrected. This is what happens when you blog tired.

And I'll see you on Monday, Alexei, with the WSFA folks!

Алексей said...

Poor Michael,

You definitely should leave the spelling as it was. It was great! Truly it more or less correctly represented the real state of my affairs. I hope, you understand what I mean. And even "xxx" should be better.

As for our Monday meeting, I managed to visit the spot half an hour ago. And another great thing! This restaraunt is just across International Spy Museum. What an interesting coincidence!