Thursday, March 15, 2018

Free Movies (and Panel) Next Week


Just a reminder.  One week today, I'll be taking part in a bioethics panel for U of P's Third Annual Bioethics Film Festival here in Philadelphia at International House. Here's the schedule:

Tuesday, March 20:  Bride of Frankenstein

Wednesday, March 21:  Young Frankenstein

Thursday, March 22:  Blade Runner  (I'll be on the panel for this one.)

Each evening begins with a 5:30 reception. The movie starts at 6:00. And the panel discussion is either before or after the movie, I'm not really sure.

Either way, I'm expecting to have a blast. We'll be talking about Philip K. Dick, after all. Now there was an interesting man.

Oh, and I should mention that tickets to the movies are FREE. You do have to go to the site and register for them. But that's easy. Just click here.

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