Friday, August 2, 2013

The Pyrosome of Apology


Holy cow!  I almost didn't make a Friday post.

I also missed posting on Wednesday, but by the rules I set up for myself when I started this blog, Wednesdays were always optional.  It just chanced that there was usually so much happening in my life that I pretty much always had something to say.

What happened, I'm afraid, is that I've been working steadily and productively on the next novel . . . and when that happens, all else goes by the boards.  Even the pleasant minor vice of blogging. 

So, in way of an apology, allow me to offer the above video of a 60-foot-long jet-propelled salp called a pyrosome. Very cool stuff.  Your mileage on the background music may vary.

You can read the explanation here.



HANNAH'S DAD said...

I'm certainly not keen on the background music myself, but that just drives home how alien this creature is.

Should I really expect a 60 foot long diaphanous filter feeding colony of clones to listen to the same music as me?

Michael Swanwick said...

Well, if they don't, you're certainly free to question their good taste.