Friday, August 9, 2013

My LoneStarCon Schedule -- Annotated!


Those who follow this blog on a semi-regular basis are probably aware that I tend to get around to reporting on public appearances the day before or three days after the event itself.  So I'm really ahead of the curve here, because I'm posting my Worldcon schedule (characterized by a friend as ("unofficial but reliable") below.

Lightly annotated for your amusement.


How to Sell to Ellen Datlow (Guest of Honor, Panel), Fri 20:00 - Fri 21:00

Gardner Dozois
Eileen Gunn (M)
Caroline Spector
Michael Swanwick

This one is astonishingly simple:  Write a really, really good story.  We should be able to wrap it up in five minutes.


How to Write a Short Story (Industry, Panel), Sat 11:00 - Sat 12:00 
Kij Johnson
Vylar Kaftan (M)
James Patrick Kelly
Cat Rambo
Michael Swanwick

This one, on the other hand, will take weeks to cover, even superficially.

Autographing   Sat 13:00 - Sat 14:00
Michael Swanwick

I sit behind a table and shmooze while scribbling my name in books.

 Reading), Sat 15:00 - Sat 16:00
Michael Swanwick 

Oh, God.  I've got to finish a story quick!

The Leisure Society: Phantom or Just around the Corner? (Real World, Panel), Sat 19:00 - Sat 20:00,  
Fred Lerner (M)
Mark Oshiro
Michael Swanwick
Shanna Swendson

Wow!  This really takes me back.  It's the kind of substantive speculative panel that used to be standard at conventions. 


The Twain Shall Meet: Samuel Clemens and SF/F (Literature, Panel), Sun 11:00 - Sun 12:00, 006B 
Gardner Dozois
Eileen Gunn (M)
John Purcell
Michael Swanwick
Takayuki Tatsumi
Walter Jon Williams

Ol' Sam was a really, really good SF writer.   

Plucking Flowers in the Stranger Realms (Literature, Panel), Sun 14:00 - Sun 15:00 
Nancy Kress (M)
Joe Lansdale
Michael Swanwick
Jacob Weisman

I have no idea what this is. Presumably I'll find out before the panel begins.

Kaffeeklatsch  Sun 16:00 - Sun 17:00, Riverview (Riverwalk)
Michael Swanwick

Just hanging out and chewing the fat with fans.  The Riverwalk is a very nifty place indeed.  I almost said 'cool,' but given what the temperature is likely to be . . .

SIGMA in Action (Science, Panel), Sun 17:00 - Sun 18:00, 007A (160) (Convention Center)
Arlan Andrews (M)
Charles E. Gannon
G. David Nordley
Michael Swanwick

Did you know that Frederik Pohl used to do all kinds of speculative consulting for the U.S. government?  If he could, so can I.


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