Friday, September 24, 2010

Why I Live in the City


I'm on the road again!  So I'm posting a photo from last Saturday.  It was taken from the bar at Rouge across from Rittenhouse Square, which in the Sixties was famous for inspiring Arlo Guthrie's "Ring Around the Rosy Rag."  The annual Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show was going on and Marianne and I were taking a break from looking at oils and etchings.  My own part of that break taking the form of an ice-cold martini.  For the event, the city closed 18th Street along the park and the restaurants there filled it with tables.  Minutes before this snap was taken, we were out by the tents talking with bon vivant and man-about-town Tom Purdom, whom we encountered by purest chance, on matters cultural and literary.

Not that anybody's ever asked, but this is why I live in a big city.  As opposed to Winooski, Vermont or, God help us, Seven Pines, Virginia.


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