Monday, August 17, 2020

Free! Dragons! Ten! Free!


Jonathan Strahan and HarperCollins are doing a giveaway for The Book of Dragons over the next two weeks. They'll be giving away ten copies of the book to people chosen at random.

What's the catch? Only minor ones. It's limited to U. S. residents only and you have to be at least 18 years old.

You can enter by going here and filling out the form. 

This is a very cool book (Why didn't it exist when I was 18?!) and I have a nifty story in it, "Dragon Slayer." Along with some thirty other stories and poems by other writers. 

(The fine print says that by giving them your email address, you agree to receive promotional email from HarperCollins. But there are worse fates. Also, you can opt out by just clicking the link at the bottom of one, so no harm done.)

And while you're thinking of book promotions . . .

The e-book of Ellen Datlow's classic anthology Lethal Kisses ("stories of dark desire and wicked payback" says the publicity) is on sale today only for $1.99.

This is a splendid anthology full of great stories. Including one very very very dark collaboration by me and Jack Dann. The story is called "Ships" and it's a good old-fashioned tale of an assault upon Heaven. Recommended for all fans of fiction about wooden ships.

You can find the announcement with links to places where it can be bought here.

And have you noticed . . .?

Ellen appears to be in that phase of her career where her reputation is transitioning from "multiple-Award winning" to "legendary."

What makes this particularly interesting is that the legendary Ellen Datlow continues to win awards. Most recently, she won the Locus Award for Best Editor.  Normally, once you've been promoted to legendary, they won't let you anywhere near the awards. But Ellen is the exception. Or maybe the standard?

Anyway, she rocks!


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