Friday, February 24, 2017

Susan Casper


Susan Casper passed away in her sleep this morning, after a several years' illness. Marianne and I, along with Chip Delany, visited her yesterday. She was exhausted, in pain, and terribly, terribly weak. But as acute as ever. She died with her wits intact.

Surviving her is her husband and, before that, lover for forty-seven years, Gardner Dozois and her son Christopher Casper, his wife Nicole and her grandchildren Tyler and Isabella.

Susan was a dear friend for over forty years. Marianne and I are both desolated by her death. But here's the thing: I couldn't swear to you that we're the unhappiest of her friends at this moment -- not even that we're the unhappiest of her Philadelphia friends. She had a lot of people who cared a great deal about her. Now we are all one in our grief.

I'll be writing more eventually. But right now, the loss is too fresh. So I'm giving myself a temporary pass. 

For the moment, I'll just say this: Susan had a great many friends. Her death has made us all miserable. That in itself is a tribute to her.

Above: Gardner and Susan in happier times.



TheOFloinn said...

This is indeed sorrowful.

James Robert Smith said...

Very sorry to hear it.