Monday, October 17, 2016

This Baffling World


The cocktail shaker pictured above is the newest -- and, at three dollars, possibly the cheapest -- addition to my small collection of barware. It is also the most baffling.

A Pepsi Cola shaker? Seriously. What kind of cocktail involves vigorously tumbling a carbonated beverage in a cocktail shaker?

Other than a Cuba Mentos, I mean.


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Kevin Cheek said...

It took me a bit to look up the title: I am reminded of the story "Moving Spirit" by Arthur Clarke, collected in Tales of the White Hart in which, to avoid prosecution for violating prohibition, in a deliberately convoluted plot, the protagonist builds an osmotic bomb that uses increasing osmotic pressure of an alcohol mixture to trigger an explosion. Could this be what your Pepsi shaker's makers have had in mind?