Friday, October 28, 2016

Lord Autumn's Game


One of my Facebook friends, and I apologize for not remembering his name but at the time I didn't realize I would need it, commented that his wife doesn't read science fiction or fantasy but does occasionally ask if "the Leaf Guy" has done anything recently. By whom she means me.

The Leaf Guy is a title I am proud to assume. Autumn is my season, Halloween is my holiday (just ask the neighborhood kids!), and fallen leaves are a medium I take a particular pleasure to dabble in.

This year, the summer was dry, autumn came late, the nights were warm, and for a while it looked like I wasn't going to have the bright leaves needed to write a Halloween story on.

But at the last moment they came through.

So the other day Marianne and I wandered through nature preserves and cemeteries, writing on leaves and photographing the results. Beforehand, I had written a four-sentence Halloween story called "Lord Autumn's Game." It came out well, I think.

You can read the story here.


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Sandy said...

Oooo! Cue the disquieting organ music...`