Friday, August 28, 2015

On the Road to Yellowstone

As always, I'm on the road again.  A week ago last Saturday, I drove to North Carolina for a book tour. When I returned home, I hit the sack and got up early to catch a plane to Spokane for the World Science Fiction Convention.  It was an eventful weekend, made particularly dramatic by the smoke from nearby wildfires that filled the city with smoke, turned the sun red at noon, and dropped flakes of soot from the sky.

So, to relax after all that, Marianne and I are driving to Yellowstone in Montana.

Yesterday, we drove for long hours up a dirt road through smoke-filled valleys, startlin bighorn sheep and coming upon unexpected waterfalls.  We passed through the Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountains before coming to rest at last in Butte. There's a lot of character to Butte, and to the Fingen Hotel where we're staying as well. Montana must be a great place to be a photographer.

If I want to see all we plan to see, howver, I've got to put a few hundred miles on the odometer.  So, well... Off I go!

More news as it occurs.


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