Monday, August 10, 2015

Attending Your First Book Launch


Tomorrow is the book launch for my new Darger & Surplus novel, Chasing the Phoenix. It'll be at Main Point Books at 1041 West Lancaster Avenue, Bryn Mawr, PA and it starts at 7 p.m.

I'll be making a number of book store appearances to promote my novel but of course there can be only one launch party per book.

So what can you expect?

It'll be a typical literary event. I'll read a selection from the novel. You'll have the opportunity to buy books -- mine, of course, but Main Point Books has quite a nice selection and I've never been able to browse there without picking something up. Everybody will be happy. There will be lots of chatter. And if you want to talk with me, you'll have plenty of opportunity.

But, really, a book launch is only in part about the author. Mostly, it's about the community of people who care about books. So there'll be readers, fans, writers, a rare book man, a "nanopublisher"... interesting people it would be worth your while to know. The sort of people who would show up at this kind of event.

If you can make it to Main Point Books this Tuesday, I'd be delighted to see you. If you're not in the neighborhood, though, you should seek out book events in your area. They really are a lot of fun.

Also, as I said, filled with your kind of people.

You can find Main Point Book's home page here.


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Peter D. Tillman said...

So, Michael:

Did Paul Di Filippo get it right re the Ernest Bramah influence in te new book?

Bramah is an old (virtual) friend for me -- my college girlfriend was a big Bramah fan.

Just ordered a copy, certainly looking forward to it.

Best, Pete Tillman