Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ruthless Self Promotion Du Jour


Several of my friends over at Facebook have informed me that my collection of short fiction, The Dog Said Bow-Wow,  is a one-day Kindle special today.  Apparently this is a regular thing that Kindle does.

The deal is that you can buy an e-copy for $1.99 -- but only today.

I think it's a terrific deal because I think it's a terrific book. But, then again, I would.

You can find the offer here.

And in unrelated news . . .

You've probably heard this already, but Maya Angelou has died at age 86.  This is longer than most of us get.  But it still seems unfair.  There are some people whom one expects to simply go on forever and Maya Angelou was one of them.

Marianne's father was one of the deacons of Washington Baptist Churh in Washington, PA.  When he died, the minister compared him to one of the cedars of Lebanon.  "Now he's gone," he said.  "How different the horizon looks!"

Goodbye, Ms. Angelou.  How different the horizon looks without you.


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