Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This Glitterati Life: Celebrating Tom Purdom


At Boskone last Saturday, Marianne threw a book launch party for Lovers and Fighters, Starships and Dragons, the brilliant new collection of Tom Purdom's short fiction.  That's Tom up above, being admired.  Left to right:  LeeWeinstein, Danielle Freedman, Diane Weinstein, Tom.  Visible in the background:  Gail.

Below are some more shots taken at the party.  I'll label them when I find time.  Since this post was supposed to go up yesterday (but couldn't, because I was traveling), I thought it best to get this up right away.

Alexander Jablokov

    Brigid and Rob

Alyson Benoit and Barry Lee Dejasu

                                           Editor Darrell Schweitzer

   Fantastic Books Publisher Ian Strock and Cindy Lazzaro

                                 Our bartender, Rob


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