Monday, January 14, 2013

Tawny Petticoats

Pleasant news, if you happen to be me!  My Darger & Surplus story, "Tawny Petticoats" has been accepted for Gardner Dozois' and George RR. Martin's Rogues anthology.

Of the story itself, I shall say only that it takes place in New Orleans and that it involves zombies.  Not George Romero brain-eating zombies, I hasten to add.  Old School zombies.  Of its eponymous heroine, I shall only remark that she makes a great addition  to the team.

And her name?  It comes from Mother Goose.  Before you read it, though, you should be aware that at that time the rhyme was written, "lusty" meant healthy and hence physically attractive.  Nothing bad.

Here it is:

As I went by a dyer's door,
I met a lusty tawnymoor.
Tawny hands and tawny face,
Tawny petticoats,
Silver lace.

I isn't that lovely?  Isn't that Romantic?  Can't you just see the young lady blush when the poem's narrator pays her his compliments?


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