Thursday, August 5, 2010

This Glitteratti Life (Part 5,286)


Just a short note today, because I'm not done packing for Scotland yet.

Last night Marianne and I went to Rangoon in Chinatown for a very delicious meal with local SF luminaries and the magnificent Jay Lake.  Jay was passing through Philadelphia en route to a business meeting in New Jersey and put up an invitation on his blog for anybody who cared to do so to drop in -- whether he knew them or not.

This is typically innovative of Jay, and as a result the dinner included not only the usual people but a couple of the unusual ones too.  Who held up their ends of the conversations quite well.  But of course folks with the gumption to answer an open invite like that would.

Pictured above:  The great man himself, a little tired at the end of the evening.


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