Monday, August 16, 2010

Material Culture


Marianne and I flew home Saturday and spent most of Sunday decompressing.  Save for a quick jaunt to Material Culture (above).  Material Culture is an enormous enterprise.  The building is far larger than any barn and chockablock with cultural tchothkes from everywhere offered for sale at a price which is occasionally entirely affordable.  I go there whenever I start to get too unworldly and detached, in order to restore my natural supply of avariciousness and greed.

Currently, almost everything they have is 30% off.

I'm being interviewed today and I have to proofread a reissued novel and there are stories I hope to get to work on if  I have the time.  So today must be considered a goof-off day.  But I'll be posting more about my brief jaunt to Scotland just as soon as I can can organize my thoughts.

And in the mail today . . . 

I received my contributor's copies of The Secret History of Fantasy (Tachyon Publications, edited by Peter S. Beagle.  Of which I shall only say that even if it didn't include my own "The Edge of the World," it's a book that, as a reader, I would avidly desire.  Also the Sept/Oct issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction, which contains my newest story, "Steadfast Castle."

So I am content, and hope you are as well.



David Stone said...

Ah, great, something specific to look forward to in the next SF&F besides Mr. Shepard's usual acerbic dissection of the US film industry.

Chad Hull said...

This is an instance where I regret canceling my SF&F subscription. I've been looking forward to that book from Tachyon for a while now; the author line up is phenomenal.

Theophylact said...

I love Material Culture. I wish I could afford (or had space for) one of their West African coffins.