Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Everybody's Faux Irish For A Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!  Will I be wearing green you ask?  Will I be wearing green?!  No.  I will not.  This I do in memory of my grandfather, Michael O'Brien, after whom I was named.  Every Saint Patrick's Day, when friends asked him why he wasn't wearing green, he'd angrily say, "I am Irish.  I don't have to prove a thing to anybody!"

God bless you, Grandfather.  You died when I was only four but I can still remember you clearly.  I also remember your wake.  The whiskey flowed like water, and there were bowls of jelly beans.

So where's Waldo today . . . ?

I'm away from home in Arlington, Texas, for a Sigma function -- a panel at the World's Best Technology Showcase, an annual event that puts together tech entrepreneurs with potential government or private money.  You can click here to see the agenda if you're curious.

And what makes a guy who can't share a photo of the event with you because he forgot to put the SD card back in his camera last time he downloaded photos to his computer qualified to be here at all, you ask?

Um . . . I'm a lateral thinker?

More soon-ish, I hope.


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