Wednesday, March 3, 2010

City Root Ten Months Later


I'm on the road again!  This happens to me a lot these days.  But on Sunday, after visiting the Tract House, I took a quick run over to Twelfth and Callowhill, here in Philadelphia, to see how Keiko Miyamori's orphan sculpture City Root was doing.

And the eight and a half ton sculpture which I wrote about last April here, is doing just fine.  The cracks are maybe a little wider after a long winter's repeated freezing and thawing but it's still one gorgeous hunk of gigantic lucite, and it doesn't look likely to fall apart anytime soon.  I took dozens of photos.  The thing is mesmerizing.

The owner of the property (and maybe of the sculpture; he offered free storage of the sculpture while Miyamori tried to find a buyer with the understanding that after a certain length of time unsold, it would be his to keep) has clamped four lights onto the top of the sculpture.  Which means, I guess, that it lights up at night.  Next time I'm in the city after dark, I'm going to find out!

Above:  The artwork itself.  Right:  A graphic demonstration of the current size of one of the cracks.  


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