Friday, June 19, 2009

Awards Watch -- And This Time It's Not All About Me


The final ballot for the Chesley Awards has just been announced, and Stephan Martinière has been nominated under for the cover he did for The Dragons of Babel. Which gives me a great excuse to post his quite wonderful vision of Babel yet again. Congratulations, Stephan!

You can see the entire list of nominees here. Even cooler, you can check out his website here.

The category he's nominated for is Hardcover, but Tor Books had the good sense to retain Martinière's artwork for the paperback as well.

And some sad news . . .

My good friend Ricky Kagan has been admited to Mountainside Hospital in Montclaire, New Jersey. Nobody's sure yet, but it looks to be a kidney problem. A friend who spoke to him yesterday said that he was his usual stoic self. I spoke with him not long before that and -- this is so typical of Ricky -- he sounded amused by it all.

He's an admirable guy, Ricky is.


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