Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Delightful Book You Can't Have Yet


Monday I drove to DC for a dinner with Washingtonians and Russians. Wednesday, I went to the Barnes Foundation in the morning and then drove 300 miles to Pittsburgh. Yesterday I came home. So it's been a busy week.

I was going to blog about the Barnes, which is quite a wonderful experience, a truly great museum and one which accepts only a limited number of viewers. Every time I go there, I plan to stay the entire day. But after only a few hours, my eyes are so full I couldn't look at one more Van Gogh or hypersexual Courbet to save my life. It's that rich an experience.

However, in the mail today, came a slim book with an inscription inside from Henry Wessells:

2 June 09

Hope-in-the-Mist: The Extraordinary Career & Mysterious Life of Hope Mirrlees, written by Your Humble Correspondent, with an introduction by Neil Gaiman and a fabulous frontispiece by Charles Vess exists! I am so very, very happy for me.

You, of course, will have to wait for Readercon (July9-12) to own a copy. But authorship hath its perks. The front and back covers are shown above.



mythusmage said...

May a 13 year old girl with a book about flower sniffing glowy vampires beat your magnum opus to all the awards.

Michael Swanwick said...

Oh, it's happened before. One learns not to take these things personaly.