Friday, August 12, 2022

My Chicon Schedule



Here it is, my Worldcon schedule!  If you're going to Chicago and you happen to see me, feel free to say hi.

Michael Swanwick


 Chicon Schedule





4:00 PM (Michigan 3)


The Blurbs: The Craft and Etiquette of Promotional Text

Catherine Asaro (m)  

Eileen Gunn  

Emily Hockaday  

Gideon Marcus  

Michael Swanwick  


Blurbs can be a great form of exposure, both for the person whose book is being blurbed, and the author lending their endorsement. Does the publisher arrange such things, or is the author meant to go out and forage for blurbs? Should you approach authors for blurbs before having your book deal in place as a means of attracting a publisher or agent? Do blurbs actually sway reviewers, retailers, or readers? Publishing professionals who have been through the blurbing process weigh in.



7:00 PM  (Michigan 1)


Judging A Book by Page 112

Tina L. Jens (m)  

Heather Rose Jones  

Michael Swanwick  

N. Frances Moritz  


They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but can you judge it by page 112? Let's talk about what causes us to jump ship early, works that surprised us with late hooks, and how to get better and braver at tossing things on the "Did Not Finish" pile, so we can keep working on that "To Be Read".





10:00 AM  (Roosevelt 3)


Constructing Your Collection: Arranging Stories and Poems

Emily Hockaday (m)  

Eric Choi    

Michael Swanwick  

Sarah Pinsker  

Terese Mason Pierre  


We’re familiar with telling a story in prose or verse, but what about the journey you lead readers on as one story transitions to another, as one poem leads to the next? From the moment someone opens your book you are setting expectations and boundaries, and while you may introduce them to something wildly different at some point in the collection, you need to plot out that course as carefully as you plot novels—especially when considering what note you end the collection on. Publishing veterans lend their opinions about what has worked, in their experience, and what hasn’t.


4:00 PM  (Airmeet 4)


Introducing Speculative Fictions (Virtual)

Sultana Raza (m)  

Alex Acks  

Maria Haskins  

Michael Swanwick  


Your friend just saw Dune, and loved it. Your sister can't get enough of Lovecraft Country. Your dad just rediscovered The Lord of the Rings films. You know that these are all film and TV adaptations of literary works, and that there are more books out there that they'd love. What works do you suggest first to an interested newcomer to speculative fiction?




10:00 AM  (Michigan 1)


The Gene Wolfe Renaissance

Craig Brewer (m)  

J.T. Greathouse  

Joan Gordon  

Michael Swanwick  

Paul Weimer  


Gene Wolfe passed away in 2019, but interest in his work continues to grow. We'll talk about the range of Wolfe-focused podcasts, the new Tor Essentials edition of his published work, the latest scholarly books and articles, and the growing public interest in his work. What are some of the most exciting facets of Wolfe's oeuvre as we re-examine it, and where are some suitable jumping-in points for Wolfe fans and newcomers?



1:00 PM (Autographing)


Autographing - Michael Swanwick



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