Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Love, Death + Robots Season 2




The last time I was in China, for a science fiction conference in Chengdu, I brought along a Love, Death + Robots t-shirt, which I'd earned the honst way--by writing a story that one of the first-season episodes was based on. Boy, did that make me popular! LD+R wsa clearly a global phenomenon.

Now, the trailer for season 2 has been released, along with a list of  new episodes. Do I have a story in it? With all modesty, I can safely say... no.

 But there's a third season coming, later this year. Will I have something in that one? All I can say is that I'm being a little vague on that front.

The seasons drops on Netflix on May 14. I'll be watching.



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rastronomicals said...

Have just perused the S2 episode list with almost exclusive attention paid to the originator of the source material, and gotta say: As with season one, you have to express kudos to the showrunners for understanding where the good stuff lies.

I'm sure plenty of Hollywood hacks will write a teleplay with space lasers on request, but they--Fincher and whoever else--have gone beyond that and commissioned the experts.

Your coyness in regard to an appearance by your adapted work in Season 3 tantalizes. I have thought for some time now that "Radio Waves" would look awesome as an animated short.