Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Final Visit from Mrs. Porter


Marianne's mother came to our house yesterday, to visit for the last time. When she died, she left her body to a medical school and the cremated ashes have just been returned. We're making arrangements to reunite her with her husband, William Christian Porter, in a cemetery in Fort Indiantown Gap.

When Mrs. Porter was born, women did not have the vote. She grew up to be a Roosevelt Democrat. She even had a job, for a time, helping to set up the Social Security system. When Barack Obama was elected president, she wished him well. But she was disappointed because she wanted a woman president.

Briefly, yesterday, I thought she was going to get her wish. Alas, it was not to be. So, instead, I will ask you to pause and be silent for just a few seconds in memory of a woman who, in her nineties, asked her pal, the church sexton, if she could get her picture taken on his Harley.

That's her up above.



donna said...

Tuesday was a bleak day for many. Two words of hope for the future: Elizabeth Warren.

Sandy said...

Sorry I never got to meet her. She sounds like a dynamite lady and your description of her suggests where Marianne gets her moxie. Hold on to those wonderful memories, both of you.

Marybeth Chew said...

Very sorry for your loss. She sounds, and looks!, like a really cool woman.