Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Night of the Salamander


One of the great pleasures of having the Mongolian Wizard series running on is that Creative Director Irene Gallo has been commissioning Greg Manchess to illustrate them.

The above illo is for "The Night of the Salamander," the first of three new stories chronicling the adventures of Ritter and Sir Toby. That makes a total of seven stories out of a tentative twenty-one.  So I'm about one-third of the way through.

Ms Gallo also posted the complete set of Mr. Manchess's illustrations to date.  Here it is:

And not that anyone asked...

When will I be writing more? As new ideas come to me. I know the general outline of the war: who lives, who dies, which side wins, and so on. And I know which deaths will hit the reader hardest. But specific incidents? No, not really.

I really should find the time to write a few more. But I've also got a novel to write, so...



Erik said...

These were the stories that introduced me to your work, and I am almost embarrassingly excited for more.

CharleyK said...

Is there a timeline for publishing these stories on