Sunday, June 29, 2014

[Dream Diary]

June 29, 2014

I dreamed that the Hugo Awards ceremony had been split in two.  Most of the awards, including those for short fiction, were given on a Saturday night in a drab hotel space with an audience made up mostly of those who had been nominated for the awards.  An air of drab resentment hung over the event.

The Sunday awards, however, were a televised, glitzy event, covering a handful of awards deemed to be the most important.  Because I was scheduled to present one of these awards, I was standing near the dais when Neil Gaiman announced that the Hugo Award for Best Novel had been won by -- Gardner Dozois!  Who came up the aisle as all the audience, movie stars and all, gave him a standing ovation.

Neil observed publicly that this reaction was a "love fest" for Gardner.  Nobody present was petty enough to resent that he had not only won the award but was once again young and thin.


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Joyce said...

Just what is needed is a red carpet series of photos.