Monday, October 7, 2013

Michael Swanwick, Trencherman


And now for something completely different . . . a link to somebody else's blog!

Lawrence M. Schoen has a series on his blog titled Eating Authors.  As he explained it to me:

Given that the protagonist of much of my fiction styles himself a gourmand, a couple years ago I started a feature on my blog where I ask other authors to share recollections of their most memorable meal. 

Lawrence is a genial guy and I like him, so I said yes.  And I told him about the time that I -- moderate and abstemious man though I am -- was a Trencherman for a Night.

Click here to read the entire story.

And as always . . . 

I'm on the road again.  Today it's a flying visit to New York City for the SFWA Annual Reception for Industry Professionals, an ungainly name for a pleasant event that's pretty much universally referred to as the Mill-n-Swill.  (I don't know who came up with that nickname, but I'm pretty sure it was an editor; and I think I can guess which publishing house; and I know which one I'd bet twenty bucks it was.)

I'll be back Wednesday, possibly with tales of lust and fury among the glitterati.  But probably not.  It's been decades since Thomas Disch got drunk at a SFWA event and took a swing at . . .  Oh, wait, the other guy is still around.  I'm afraid you'll have to wait to hear that story.

Above:  I've said it many times before, but it bears repeating.  Lee Moyer is a brilliant and witty artist.  Any time one of my publishers wants to commission him to do another cover for me, they'll have my full support.


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