Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fiction Forecast 2013


I received an e-letter from a reader the other day which said in part:

Will there be another batch of Mongolian Wizard stories on in 2013?  . . . The first three stories were exceptional and I eagerly await my next encounter with Sir Toby and Franz-Karl.

Well . . . I have reasonable hopes that there will be some more Mongolian stories at in the not too distant future.  A fourth story, "The House of Dreams," has already been accepted.   I also have two more stories partially written which I plan to get back to just as soon as I finish the current novel.  And I have plans for stories beyond them simmering away as well. 

In unrelated news, I also have a new Darger & Surplus story, "Tawny Petticoats," coming out sometime this year and at the rate I'm going, I should have the next Darger & Surplus novel, tentatively titled Chasing the Phoenix, done in a few months.

Above and beyond that, I have several stories almost completed, which I look forward to having the time to finish when the novel is done.

So, ironically enough, when it looks to all the world as if I'm doing nothing at all, I'm being fiercely productive.  This is the writer's life.  There have been times when I had work coming out all over the place and wasn't producing worth a damn.

And as always . . .
I'm on the road again.  But I should be back in time to post a Friday blog.  Or  blog a Friday post.  Whatever the proper construction is.

Above:  Miss Helen Hope Mrrrlees wishes you to know that she is not in the least impressed by anything I have written or, indeed, done.  Ever.


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