Monday, May 31, 2010

The Coveted "Frog"


How often do you get to impress your own son?  Almost never.  Well, check it, Sean!  Here I am with Pete Abrams, creator of Sluggy Freelance.  Pete was also a guest of honor at ConQuest.  I told him how much I liked his webcomic and he asked me if I would give him an award.  (Who can account for the whims of cartoonists?)  So I origami-folded a paper frog from one of my calling cards and inscribed it with his name and the slogan "For Services to Literature."  Thus creating The Frog, the world's smallest and most exclusive literary award.

Whoops!  My plain is boarding!

And much, much, much later in the day . . .

It's "plane," of course.  I came home on a plane.  Then, on the way, I was diverted for a literary supper with friends. Now, briefly, I can relax.  Tomorrow I hop in the car and drive away, off on a sad chore.  Of which, more on Friday.


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Keith Ferrell said...

But with aerial amenities vanishing, snacks, pillows and blankets, breathing room and knee room, and all the rest being eliminated, restricted, or charged for, plain's a pretty good description too.

Unless of course you flew home in the sumptuously tricked-out private jet that one assumes prospective Rushmorians are entitled to.