Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I See Dead Books . . .

 Courtesy of Henry Wessells, international man of mystery and proprietor of The Endless Bookshelf, as well as chief bookbinder for the Temporary Culture publishing empire, comes the following catalog entry.  Which phenomenon, he tells me, is called a "ghost."  Literally.

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Stations of the dead.Michael Swanwick

English  Book [1 v.]
[N.p.] Harper Collins Publishers,
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    Title:Stations of the dead.
    Author(s):Swanwick, Michael. 
    Publication:[N.p.] Harper Collins Publishers,
    Description:[1 v.]
    Standard No:ISBN: 0380817610
    Document Type:Book
    Accession No:OCLC: 52824761

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    JJM said...

    One does rather wonder what the cataloguer at the Hickory County Library was thinking about when (s)he typed that one in ... Not to mention the publisher's wrong. But WorldCat will have that record halfway to forever, even so. Funny.

    Unknown said...

    What's even better is that OCLC Quality Control looked at this record and corrected or updated it on March 9, 2007.

    Then, my professional quandary is whether or not to report this to the black hole that is OCLC error reporting.

    Michael Swanwick said...

    How much easier it is to be a writer! We don't have to care about anything. We don't even have to keep copies of our own work. When I was doing the interviews for BEING GARDNER DOZOIS I had to get a lot of Gardner's stories from the SF collection at Temple. He just wrote 'em. Keeping track of 'em was the responsibility of the rest of the world.

    Of course, now Marianne's after me to write STATIONS OF THE DEAD . . .

    HANNAH'S DAD said...

    I endorse the idea of your writing _Stations of the Dead_.

    While you're at it, could you do _Stones of the Earth_ and _Dragons and Bagels_?