Friday, May 23, 2008

Unique Zines for a Unique Audience

How exclusive are the zines you read? Odds are that I can best you. Every day (or, when things are particularly busy every second or third day), I organize all my mail by topic, throw in any interesting articles I run across on the Web, and then add illos and the day's date.

Then I give them to Marianne. She's the zine's only reader.

A random scattering of my Daybooks is shown above. Some have cartoons and photos found online. (If "fair use" means anything at all, then it allows you to make a single copy to be shown to a single person.) Others are photos that I or friends have taken. The pictures above include the not-terrorist explosion in NYC, myself and friends (the "Special 'Shark Among the Lambs' Issue"), an old Congres Boreal poster, a b&w copy of a stunning photo by Vlatko Juric-Kokic (the color printer was down), an island (the "Special 'There Will Always Be a Sark!' Issue") and the fabulous James Patrick Kelly. Among others.

Kind of nifty, really. I've been doing this for I forget how many years.

And . . .

Yesterday's Poem du Jour was "Byzantium" by William Butler Yeats. Fabulous poet. Irish, of course.

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