Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Best of Me

Hi.  I'm leaving for Boskone in the morning, so if I wait another couple of hours I won't have the time to make my Friday posting.  So I'm doing it now.

And today's announcement is that Subterranean Press is going to publish a BEST OF MICHAEL SWANWICKvolume.  Yes. 

It won't really be the best of me, of course.  It'll be the stories that the readers like best, and those you're most likely to enjoy.  But what the heck.  To know which stories are the exact and absolute best of what I've written would take the personal intervention of God Himself.  And let's be honest, if God were willing to answer one question, is that the one you'd ask?  No.

Personally, I think that if God were willing to answer one single question in person, what I'd ask is "How can I best get on Your side right here and right now?"

But I think we've wandered away from the topic, don't you?


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